Campaigning against the problem of gum

Throughout October, the Chewing Gum Action Group (CGAG) has been campaigning in London to highlight the continued problem of gum on the city streets. The annual campaign is now in its tenth year and continues to encourage people to be more conscientious with their chewing gum. Members of the group worked their way along Oxford Street, between Holles Street and Cavendish street, using fluorescent chalk to circle all the pieces of chewing gum stuck to the street. This was intended to bring attention to the problem and make people notice how messy it makes the streets, encouraging them to put their gum in the bin rather than simply dropping it.

The problem is a major one, with councils around the UK spending millions of pounds to remove it from streets and public spaces every year. Chewing gum doesn’t degrade so it will remain stuck to surfaces indefinitely unless it is removed. This process can be costly and require a great deal of effort, resulting in large costs.

In 2014 there was extensive work to remove chewing gum from Oxford Street, Bond Street and Regent Street in London. Enough gum was picked up to cover 12 football pitches, approximately 86,000 square metres. If so much was removed from just three streets, it seems clear that there is actually huge volumes of gum littering our towns and cities.

Businesses also have to deal with the issue of dropped chewing gum all around their premises, including in front of entrances, in car parks and courtyards. This can make their premises look unclean and uncared for, potentially damaging their reputation. It is always a good idea to keep on top of the problem and clean gum up as quickly as possible, but it can be difficult to do so.

At Precision Cleaning (Northern) Ltd we strive to offer a fast, effective gum removal service for businesses,councils,schools academies and hospitals . We use cutting edge technology so we can remove the material from pavements and other surfaces quickly and efficiently. We use steam and a non-toxic cleaning agent to disintegrate the gum and clean it up, helping to alleviate the problem of unsightly gum from the streets.