Saving you time and money on gum removal

Chewing gum can be a major problem for businesses,councils,school,academies. It can easily get trodden on and stuck to surfaces, leaving the space looking messy and unpleasant. It will remain where it sticks for a very long time because it is designed not to degrade. This means that special cleaning techniques will be required to get rid of it. Traditionally this involved freezing and scrubbing until the gum loosened enough to be peeled away from the pavement, but this can be a time consuming process.

Besides the time involved, discarded chewing gum can also become an expensive issue. A single piece of gum can cost as little as 3p to buy, but to remove it costs up to £1.50 per piece. This is the reason why local governments across the UK spend approximately £60 million every single year removing it. The problem will continue unless measures are put in place to encourage people not to drop their gum in the first place.

Businesses looking to tackle their chewing gum problems can take advantage of our professional removal services if they want to clean their surfaces quickly and cost-effectively. We use a special technique to clean up gum, utilising steam impregnated with a natural cleaning agent to disintegrate the material. This is highly efficient and means each piece of gum can be removed quickly with minimal scrubbing. Our team will solve the problem in a short timeframe, leaving your site clean and looking well cared for.

Our technique provides you with a long term solution for your chewing gum problem. We will use a protective coating to film surfaces after we have finished cleaning, making it easier for materials such as gum to be removed in the future. The process is also highly cost effective so you won’t be hit with a large bill, as you may be with more time consuming traditional techniques.

We have a great deal of experience serving businesses of all sizes, and have become known for swift and efficient cleaning services in many different settings. We have worked for Middlesbrough Borough Council, James Cook University hospital, Acour Ibis / Ibis Budget hotels in the North of the uk and many schools / academies in the North East, which has helped us to develop our techniques to the highest standards. We have the flexibility to cater for all kinds of requirements, from chewing gum to graffiti, so please call us if you would like to arrange a consultation.