MIMA Middlesbrough

We were given the fantastic opportunity and project to clean the rare Turkish limestone cladding on the building, a clean-up that was very much needed after 10 years.

The Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art is the only town-centre building clad in the distinctive rare Turkish limestone, but after ten years’ and exposure to the elements, it needed a good clean up and restoration, so this is where we came in carrying out the high-pressure clean using specialist equipment.

We are hoping we can eventually specialise in cleaning historical and unique buildings of interest, and hopefully off the back of this contract we can get the grant and funding towards new machinery and recruiting more staff.

You can get more information about about this project in the following articles:

IBIS Hotels – Manchester & Leeds

A quick update, making the world a cleaner place in Manchester and Leeds was a long day travelling. it is currently an Ibis hotel contract who are always very happy with our work, and we are happy to help to keep there business looking fantastic and clean ready for new customers arriving.

McDonald’s Restaurant

Another McDonald's car parks chewing gum removal and paths cleaned in Middlesbrough, like always there are a difficultly job to complete due to public and moving vehicles but like always job was finished at our high standards. the manager was happy with our work and a high possibility more McDonald's to undergo.