Over the years we have completed many projects ranging from High Level Building Cleaning, Chewing Gum Removal at Shopping Centres and Business Office Blocks, to smaller services such as Driveway or Roof and Window Wash Cleaning. We have many years experience in the Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Cleaning sectors.

We offer various cleaning services ranging from litter picking to gum and graffiti removal, you can find out more information below…

Chewing Gum Removal

Are you sick and tired of seeing discarded chewing gum on your business premises and streets?

Graffiti Removal

Precision Cleaning can remove graffiti  from walls using a chemical and pressure cleaning system.

Sports Surfaces

We specialise in cleaning and refurbishing a large range of artificial turf and hard surface courts.

Walkways Cleaning

We provide a service to remove the chewing gum, moss and algae to make the walkways safe again for the public.

Driveway Cleaning

We can get your driveway looking like new again. Our machines are purposely designed to clean and restore.

Roof Cleaning

With professional roof treatment you will get a more beautiful roof with a coated surface which will protect.

Restricted Access

Using special equipment we have done cleaning projects using platforms, booms and truck mounted cranes.

Commercial Window Cleaning

We believe that our window cleaning service offers value for money and flexible schedules tailored to suit.

Commercial Property

We offer an service working alongside local councils and the commercial sector in the restoration of properties.

Commercial Cleaning

Precision Cleaning Northern Ltd has experience within the light and heavy-duty surface cleaning section.

Building Cleaning

We offer an effective builders cleaning service, working alongside contractors in the final stages of construction.