Paths & Walkways

A cleaning project we complete a couple of times a year is for our client Teesside University at the location of Southfield road Middlesbrough. This area gets a build up of chewing Gum, algae and weathering because its a public walkway in a shaded tree area. The flat surface rotary works at 4000 psi and can clean the area fast making it safe for the students and public. Followed by a chewing Gum removal process. Over time public paths and walkway become covered in Gum, weathered and become very slippy with algae and moss. We provide a service to remove the Gum, moss/algae, to make it walkways safe once again for the students and public.

No matter what the surface we can clean it.

Our cleaning systems are the best in the industry and we can help to save you £’s in replacement or maintenance costs. Call us today for a estimate or visit this page.

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