Chewing Gum Removal

Do you have one of those sticky situations and are you sick and tired of seeing discarded chewing gum on or around your business premises or on the streets?

Those unsightly little black spots on the pavements. It’s everywhere! It gets under our feet and it doesn’t degrade over time making it difficult to remove. Traditional methods of freezing and scrubbing are slow and ineffective. Now, using pressurised hot water and a suitable environmentally friendly cleaning agent chewing gum can be removed quickly and completely. We have been removing chewing gum for 14 years for our clients on a contract.

We are currently removing gum from paving at:

  • Schools, Academies, Universities in the North of the UK.
  • James Cook University Hospital Middlesbrough Teesside.
  • Hilton, Ibis, Ibis Budget, Mercure, McDonalds, Burger King, Costa restaurants around the UK

Following strict health and safety procedures.

The gum is heated with super-heated steam at 180 degrees C nominal at 8-bar pressure. The steam is impregnated with a neutral chemical, extremely effective yet completely non- toxic. The small brush at the end of the cleaning wand works carefully with the steam and cleaning agent to disintegrate the gum in seconds. This process can be used both internal and external surfaces with the minimum use of chemicals saving time and money whilst safeguarding the environment.